The Importance of Getting up and Getting Dressed while Social Distancing

In response to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, we realize that many people are struggling with what to wear and why they should change into anything but their sweatpants when working from home. 

Although lounging in pyjamas all day everyday might sound attractive, getting dressed and putting effort into yourself is essential for your mental health and for remaining productive. Anuschka Rees, author of “The Curated Closet” reveals that, “Rituals are important because over time they essentially program your brain to go into work mode once you have done them. When you are your own boss, you need to create those rituals yourself, and your clothes can be a crucial part of that.”

As many of us have transitioned to working from our home environments, becoming our own boss and keeping ourselves on track involves ensuring that we are creating rituals that allow us to do so. Don’t worry, you can indulge yourself in a pair of comfortable track pants at the end of the day but we recommend that during your 9-5 work hours, even if it’s at home, that you put the same effort into yourself and get dressed as you normally would. This can look a couple of different ways, but the most important thing is that you wear what feels professional for you. If you’re used to wearing a suit on a daily basis, try wearing a sweater blazer. If a silk collared shirt puts you in the work mood, transition to a cotton fabric that will be more comfortable for you to write your emails from the couch in. 

The important thing is to put effort into yourself and not forget the routines that drive you to be successful in your work. To help you do this, we have put together some inspiration for outfits you can recreate with what you have in your closet as well as some new pieces you can order online that will inspire you to wear more than just sweatpants while working from home.

WFH Outfit 1
Nordstrom Blazer $479.64
Peak Lapel Plaid Blazer $165.83
Band T-Shirt $57.03
Everlane Black Denim $78
WFH Outfit 2
Treasure & Bond White Button-Up $100.90
Revolve High Rise, Wide-leg Denim $248.22
ASOS Square Pendent Necklace $157.80
WFH Outfit 3
Revolve Matching Set $181.29
Matching Set Skirt $46.29
Matching Set Top $42.08
WFH Outfit 4
BP Faux Leather Legging $71.65
Banana Republic Turtleneck $95
Nordstrom Blouse $140.38
Eileen Fisher Blouse $231.04

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