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A fashion styling firm working to create effortless, meaningful and aspirational style for celebrities, women of influence, advertisers and editorial clients.


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Based in Toronto, Canada, Julianne is a fashion stylist known for her effortless ability to combine the quality and aesthetic of luxury brands with the ease and accessibility of mainstream fashion. Julianne’s sophisticated approach to style is known throughout the industry, as she focuses her work on...



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At Julianne Costigan, we offer a range of styling packages and services that all connect with our core values of Trust, Connection, Quality, Elegance and Authenticity. Our services cater to personal and celebrity clients, advertising and editorial projects, as well as corporate consulting. With each set of services, we offer a unique approach catered to the goal of the client while maintaining our signature effortless yet aspirational aesthetic.

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We offer complimentary phone consultations to help us get to know you and learn more about your goals and style needs. We will support you in choosing the perfect package that caters to your needs, ensuring the best experience in working with our team.


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- Brittni Donaldson

"As 1 of just 10 female coaches and as the youngest assistant coach in the NBA, it was important to me to look professional on the sidelines while resisting the pressure of expectation to “blend in” with the rest of my colleagues. Julianne has helped me fully embrace and feel confident in my differences, while saving me a tremendous amount of time by removing any wardrobe - or image-related stress from my demanding lifestyle. Her ability to be understanding and intentional with her clients is what makes her unique, and so great to work with."



"Julianne came to my house and we went through my closet (big purge - so gratifying!). Then we spend 3.5 hours at the Eaton Centre where she had pre-shopped for me. Got a ton of stuff that I would have never picked out for myself, good mix of price points and she taught me a lot about how to dress. I look best in High Waist Jeans (Who knew!). Worth every Penny, Thank you Julianne!"


- Sasha

starter style personal styling client


"Working with Julianne helped me reimagine my wardrobe after two babies. She makes shopping easy, and has given me the confidence step outside my comfort zone and have fun with my clothes! I’ve never felt better."


- Tara

on working with Julianne after having babies


- Steph 

"I hope you know that you have given, all non-conform, not-so-slim, model-like women (like moi) hope. You have given us HOPE...just nailed it. Thank you!"


on seeing our work with Bianca Andreescu

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