Based in Toronto, Canada, Julianne is a fashion stylist known for her effortless ability to combine the quality and aesthetic of luxury brands with the ease and accessibility of mainstream fashion. Julianne’s sophisticated approach to style is known throughout the industry, as she focuses her work on personal and celebrity styling as well as advertising and editorial projects. 

Julianne’s approach to styling allows every client she works with to achieve an aesthetic that is both meaningful and effortless, while reflecting their individuality. With clients such as Brittni Donaldson, Jessica Mulroney, Bianca Andreescu and Meghan Patrick as well as corporate clients including Hudson’s Bay, Cleo and Shoppers Drug Mart, Julianne has achieved a reputation as one of Canada’s top stylists. Her secret?

Julianne’s passion is working with women of influence and empowering them to use style as a way to reach their goals and show the world what they are capable of achieving. Her long list of inspirational clients in industries such as Law, Medicine, Tech, Finance, Sports and Lifestyle, to name a few, have led to collaborations with major fashion brands across Canada.

Julianne believes in accentuating your natural beauty in every aspect of your life to create a signature style that represents exactly who you are. Her long blonde curls, crisp red manicure and timeless heirloom accessories have created her signature style, which she credits as being part of her success as a woman, stylist and CEO.

CEO and Creative Director

Julianne Costigan



a few of my

big apple red


classic blazer

heirloom jewelry

California beaches


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"It's red lipstick bold, classic to the core, romantic at heart, and effortless, button-down-shirt sexy."

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We forge trustworthy, female-empowering relationships with risk-taking, rule-breaking, glass-ceiling-shattering clients, and bring their values, stories, skills and goals to life through style. 



our values

To empower women and brands to embrace their unique assets and offerings by fusing quality, style and price point. We want to help clients celebrate their natural beauty and essence through style, leaving them with an effortless yet chic image that allows their authentic selves and capabilities to shine through. 

our vision

- Kim Newport Mimran

"Great style never goes out of fashion."

our motto:


meet our

Based in Toronto but originally from Barrie, Adrienne offers a welcoming and high-spirited approach to her work alongside Julianne. Currently completing her degree in Fashion Communications at Ryerson University, Adrienne has been an integral part of the Julianne Costigan team. Managing our social media channels and assisting with all of our styling services, she brings her inspiring energy to every shoot, meeting and creative project. Her passions include: styling, photography and connecting with anyone she crosses paths with. Her goals in life are to use her strong work ethic and people skills to build a unique place for herself within the fashion industry with a focus on styling and art direction. Fun fact: Adrienne has made occasional appearances as a model in some of our creative content!

Adrienne Dick
Styling Assistant & Social Media Manager

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