My Favourite Postpartum Products

There is a general theme around all of the products i’ve listed here—they’re the best. It’s been important for me to find easy ways to transition into mom hood while still feeling like my old self. Even though I am staying home with George, I have continued working because well… I love what I do! I have coped with both working and being home with a newborn by scaling back and relying on my favourite products to get me through. All of the products on this list have made my life easier in one way or another and have helped to support all of the goals I am reaching towards. Check them out below!

#1 Self Tanning Drops

Finding easy beauty hacks are the key to finding the balance between my new role as mom but still feeling like myself. I don’t always have time to do my full beauty routine so I’ve been mixing these tanning drops with my moisturizer to eliminate having to put foundation and bronzer on.

#2 High Waisted Leggings

Self control leggings are my new favourite thing (postpartum and for anyone just looking for some comfortable tummy control).

#3 GAP Modern Crewneck Shirt

These are my “nursing tops.” They are so soft and can be worn during pregnancy and after. Although nursing tops are probably really comfortable and easy for nursing, it’s important to me to find things that I can wear even when I’m not pregnant or nursing. Finding tops that don’t have details that make them look exclusively for nursing is important to me. I love how these tops are fitted so that I can pull them up above my chest when nursing and they stay up without having to hold it. I was told that henley tops are great nursing tops but I don’t like the henley style as they tend to be a more relaxed fit (so they don’t stay above my chest while feeding on their own) and the buttons or snaps make it uncomfortable for George.

#4 Slip Skinny Scrunchie

I love these scrunchies because they don’t leave a mark on my hair if I want to put it down after nursing. I also love that they are thinner than most scrunchies and look okay stacked with my other jewellery when wearing them around my wrist. As a stylist, I have a pet peeve of seeing hair elastics around the wrist. Ask my bridesmaids—on my wedding day I did a hair elastic check before everyone walked down the aisle!

#5 Dr. Dennis Gross Daily Peel

The key to bright, fresh skin (even when you’ve only had 2 hours of sleep). I used these a few times a week before George but they have become an even more crucial part of my beauty routine now that I actually don’t get sleep. These are expensive but worth every penny. Read the reviews! I use them twice a week.

#6 Slippers

 I feel better when my slipper coordinates with my outfit. Over the last year I’ve developed a collection of them.

#7 Cardigan Lounge Set

Cardigan lounge sets have been key for easy nursing while staying stylish, not to mention they are extremely comfortable! Cardigans are great because you can easily unbutton them to nurse without having to get naked.

#8 Snuggle Me

An absolute must have. Baby feels secure and almost like someone is holding them inside this. When I’ve needed to have a shower or answer an email, George is happy and cozy in the Snuggle Me. 

#9 Fisher Price Swing Chair

George loves the stroller or rocking motion. i love this Fisher Price Swing Chair because its hands free!

#10 Airpods

These are the key to multitasking.

#11 Hands Free Breast Pump

Hands free is always best!

#12 Zippy Jams

Once you experience sleepers with zippers you can never do buttons again. George hates getting his diaper changed and being cold—ZippyJamz (or any onesie with a zipper) is a MUST. 

#13 YETI Mug

This mug allows me to always have my coffee hot, no matter how many diaper changes I have to do in between sips. This one also fits perfectly inside the cup holder of our stroller.

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