Style Story—Tiffany Leigh

This is the Style Story of Tiffany Leigh, Toronto based Interior Designer.

With over 8 years of experience in the industry and a Bachelor of Interior Design Degree, Tiffany is an expert at creating beautiful spaces that inspire and delight her clients. She designs her interior spaces with a focus on causal, textural and coastal styles that brighten and enhance every space she works in. Tiffany brings her clients’ homes to the next level, and wanted a wardrobe that would do the same for her.

Part of the Julianne Costigan philosophy is to help every client achieve an aesthetic that is both meaningful and effortless, while reflecting their individuality. For Tiffany, this meant our team had to bring her casual, textural and coastal interior style into the contents of her closet. After learning more about Tiffany’s relationship with her clothes, style, personal image and business aspirations, we honed in and began searching out pieces that would reflect her ideal self. We focused on curating a shopping list that would bring her designs to life, reflect her brand and help her to show up to every client meeting, business venture and construction site both looking and feeling her best.

After our shop with Tiffany, we created a roster of 57 styled outfits from the 33 pieces she purchased. These looks will help her to approach every new business opportunity with a strong, stylish personal image that emulates the spaces she creates. She will be able to spend more time each day focused on her clients and doing what she loves rather than staring into her closet.

Want to see how we have mirrored Tiffany’s new wardrobe to her personal brand and interior spaces? Here are 6 examples for you to browse below! Keep scrolling to shop a few of our favourite pieces we chose for Tiffany’s closet.

Interior Space Inspired Outfits







The Shopping List

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