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Are you a woman of influence?

We believe that being a woman of influence takes on many different forms. She is the CEO of a tech company, the doctor saving lives, the hard-working employee who makes it all happen behind the scenes, the mom of three and household executive, the charity board member… and so many more we just haven’t met yet.

She wants to reflect who she is without compromising her goals. 

We believe style is a key factor in elevating her confidence, skills and goals. This is why we work with Women of Influence. This is why Women of Influence work with us. 


starter style

The Shop. Now comes the extra-fun part: it’s time to try everything on! Have Julianne all to yourself, where you’ll try on all the pieces she has selected for you. She will advise, style and support each of your new purchases and connect each item back to the wardrobe you already have at home. Building multiple looks out of each piece is integral to Julianne’s values and method, which allows your purchases to be smart, intentional investments.

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Begin your style journey with us! Our Starter Style package includes everything you need to get your new look and personal brand started.

You complete a five-minute survey to help us get a better sense of your style vision, goals and current relationship with your wardrobe.

Once we have your results, our team will schedule you in for a Closet Consultation. Julianne will come to your home for two hours, and go through your closet with you (don’t worry, it’s not that scary!). We’ll take stock of all that you currently own, and which pieces you love the most, along with the ones you don’t wear quite as often. We’ll also create a “mission list” of staple pieces to add to your closet to complete your wardrobe.

Following your Closet Consult is the Pre-Shop. Our team will schedule a shopping day for you and Julianne at one of our preferred locations. But before you meet, Julianne will do a pre-shop. This is where she’ll pull and set aside a wide selection of pieces to complement your existing wardrobe. Then, the two of you will meet, and you’ll try on the items she’s selected. In other words:no wandering around the mall, no browsing – everything is already curated to meet your budget and styled by Julianne.

With our Starter Style package, you’ll be left feeling relaxed and supported, all while having a new, joyful relationship with your wardrobe.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Take your personal style to the next level, and appreciate everything you own. Our Closet Catalogue service involves photographing the items in your closet, and uploading them into an app, so you have an up-to-date catalogue of your entire wardrobe (pst, this is also great for insurance purposes!).

How does it work? We send our team into your home at a scheduled time, typically on a weekday, and begin photographing all the items in your wardrobe.
Each item is uploaded into your virtual closet with the colour, brand and size listed. The app allows you to track what you wear, and how often you wear it.

The best part? You won’t even know we were there! With our white glove service, our team enters, photographs and discreetly exits. Our team is vetted and professional, and we value the confidentiality and privacy of our clients.



This service is best booked following the Starter Package, where we can add all your new purchases to your virtual wardrobe.

Following a Closet Catalogue, we recommend booking our next package, the Virtual Styling package. Our Virtual Styling package will allow Julianne to go through your virtual closet and create a collection of looks (pairings of all your items for the best style). These looks will be based on your lifestyle and needs, as well as your personal style vision. Find out more about this package below!

You can also add our Closet Organization to this package. Inquire for more details!

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Following your Closet Catalogue, Julianne will go into your virtual closet and create a curated catalogue of looks from your wardrobe and new purchases. Styling each look for all your lifestyle needs, you will be able to access a digital collection to complete your personal style.

Incorporating your personal style vision, Julianne mixes tops, jackets, bottoms, shoes and accessories to give you celeb-worthy looks that you don’t need to think about.

Packing for a trip? Look to your catalogue for which outfits to pack. Want to eliminate stress every morning? Look no further. Login and pick a “Work” outfit and off you go.

This service is designed to leave you feeling and looking your best while allowing you to focus on your goals and feel confident and inspired in the process.


DIGITAL styling

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Add this package any time! We created the Seasonal Shop for our clients who need styling support on a more seasonal basis. . Being based in Canada, as the seasons shift, so too do our wardrobes. 

Our Seasonal Shop package offers our Pre-Shop and Shop services on a seasonal or bi-annual basis to support your personal style needs no matter the climate.


seasonal shop

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Welcome to our Unlimited Virtual Styling Membership! Our VIP Virtual Styling Package is catered toward clients wishing to have readily available, on-the-go styling with Julianne.. Get in contact with us a minimum of 24 hours ahead of your event, shopping trip or request and we will jump in to deliver your styling needs.

What does this mean?

Need something new but don’t have time to shop? We’ll send you links to online pieces Julianne picks for you based on your Virtual Closet and your last-minute need. Use these items as guidance, order them all, or just selectone, either way, you’ll be left with a thoughtful purchase to add to your wardrobe and event look. 

Need a last-minute look for an upcoming event? Message us and Julianne will delve into your virtual closet and create new looks for you. Missing something? She’ll send you a link to an item to purchase if you choose.

Out on a shopping trip on your own? Want style support? Text us pictures of what you are looking at or give us a call and Julianne will provide feedback, styling advice and suggestions for what else to purchase to complete the look. 



Have a bunch of new pieces from a recent shopping trip or from our on-the-go styling? This package includes 1 new Closet Catalogue update. Our team will come out to your home to photograph your new items (up to 20 per month) and add them to your virtual closet so that future looks can be created.

This package also includes 25 “new look” creations a month to either consolidate your new pieces into looks with your existing wardrobe, or to create more looks from what you already have. 

Finally, this package includes a 2-hour in-person fitting at your home to support outfit creation and arm you with helpful styling tips based around your new pieces.

Our Unlimited Virtual Styling Package is a monthly subscription with a minimum 3-month (consecutive) commitment. This VIP service will ensure you are completely styled for every life event.

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